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Masterful Expansion

This master suite expansion redefines luxury and space. Integrating seamlessly with the home's existing charm, the addition boasts a pristine, modern aesthetic that elevates everyday living to artful sophistication. A custom-designed wardrobe system turns storage into a showcase, while the exquisite vanity area, with its expansive windows, invites natural light to dance across sleek surfaces. The pièce de résistance, a bespoke bathroom featuring a statement basin and elegant fixtures, encapsulates indulgence. Every square inch reflects our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and bespoke design.


A stunning room with white fitted cabinets with glass inset panels. A large glossy white table in the centre with glass panels and a large window on the right hands side with a small dresser table.
A light corridor with fitted cabinets an shelving, at the end there is a large fridge with natural light entering from a window.
A small office desk with a chair and a computer, lots of natural light coming through the large window on the right.
A newly renovated bathroom with a large circular mirror on the wall, above a small modern sink unit.
A stunning bedroom with large mirrors, a large double bed with a rustic header and footer board.
A beautiful bedroom with a large rustic wooden bed and large mirrors.
A beautiful bedroom with a large rustic bed.
A beautiful bedroom with a large rustic wooden bed and wooden beams. Two mirrors either side of the bed mounted on the wall.
A stunning dresser unit with 2 small stools directly below a large window with lots of natural light.

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